Residential Voice Services

Your current home phone number is portable to Skywave phone!

250 Basic
This plan includes 250 minutes of US dometic calling* Overage is $.09/min.

($19.95/month with internet service)

This plan includes unlimited US domestic calling.
($24.95/month with internet service)
This service provides a fax to e-mail functionality with an online portal. 
Fax Line
This service provides an anolog fax line for use with traditional fax machines.
Additional Line(s)

Additional Required Fees:

• E911 – $1.75/line
• Universal Service Fund – 8-10%
• Telecom Relay Surcharge – $.03/line
• Sales tax – 7.0%


 1Fax line requires subsription to voice services.  Stand alone fax line is available for $24.95.